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John Zorn: The True Discoveries Of Witches And Demons [#8335]
The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons is the second release by Zornís heavy new organ trio of John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski. Described as Tony Williamsí Lifetime on steroids, here they are joined by special guests Marc Ribot and Trevor Dunn to make the music even heavier and more intense. This is white hot, mind bending music filled with heavy riffs, fiery solos and improvisational madness. Three generations of musical explorers come together to rip your mind to shreds in the second installment from Zornís heaviest new ensemble Simulacrum.
(Release date: August 2015)

John Zorn: Inferno [#8336]
The third CD from Zornís most extreme new ensemble is inspired by the work of Swedish playwright, poet, painter, philosopher, alchemist, occultist and novelist August Strindberg, whose dark brooding visions were a precursor to expressionism and surrealism, influencing artists such as Antonin Artaud and Ingmar Bergman. Inferno presents a variety of compositions touching upon metal, jazz, minimalism, atonality, ambient and more, all strung together with Zornian logic and intensity. Breaking new ground in the world of musical madness, Simulacrum is one of the most unusual and powerful organ trios ever created.
(Release date: September 2015)

Blue Buddha: Blue Buddha [#4010]
Tenor saxophonist Louie Belogenis plays with a luminous open heart, and a tone reminiscent of Albert Ayler. Cutting his teeth with masters such as Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray and Borah Bergman he has recorded several CDs under his own name, and now presents his most unique and adventurous group to date. Featuring an all-star ensemble of three of the most exciting musicians working today, this brilliant group performs as if part of a sacred ceremony, seamlessly weaving together diverse traditions. Uncompromising improvisational music that speaks to the spiritual.
(Release date: August 2015)

John Schott: Actual Trio [#4011]
A veteran of Junk Genius with Ben Goldberg, T.J. Kirk with Charlie Hunter as well as varied projects with Tom Waits, John Zorn and many others, John Schott is one of the most dynamic guitarists out of the Bay Area. For his third CD on Tzadik he presents an exciting guitar trio with two of his closest musical associates. Beautiful compositions, spare and lean and fabulous telepathic improvising makes this one of Johnís best CDs to date.
(Release date: September 2015)