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Releases for April 2016
Teiji Ito

Music for Maya—Film Music of Teiji Ito ~~~ A Tzadik Classic!

Zone Tripper ~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Nova Express Quintet

Andras: The Book Of Angels Volume 28

Upcoming Releases

AutorYno: Flauros: The Book Of Angels Volume 29 [#8346]
Flauros is a rocking, driving, unstoppable reading of Masada music by the leader of France’s most brutal and hard-edged ensemble Autoryno. Here they touch upon psychedelia, surf, metal, thrash, reggae, hard rock and more in this highly energetic installment of the Book of Angels. Exhilarating instrumental music at its cathartic best by this acclaimed and infamous ensemble based in Paris. One of the last CDs in the Book of Angels series is also one of its most powerful!
(Release date: July 2016)

John Zorn: Sacred Visions [#8345]
Sacred Visions presents two Zorn masterpieces touching upon the mediaeval world. The Holy Visions is a Mystery Play in eleven strophes concerning the life, work and philosophy of 12th century composer, healer and visionary mystic Hildegard von Bingen, and is one of Zorn’s most beloved and acclaimed works for voice. Here is it coupled with Zorn’s latest string quartet The Remedy of Fortune, six tableaux depicting the changing fortunes of romantic love, which was inspired by the work of 12th century troubadour Guillaume de Machaut and receives a precise and passionate reading by the brilliant JACK quartet. Two brilliant modern compositions drawing on mediaeval spirituality, both sacred and secular!
(Release date: July 2016)

Tony Oxley: The Advocate ~~~ A Tzadik Classic! [#7618b]
One of the most important musical partnerships in English Free Improvisation was the duo of Tony Oxley and Derek Bailey. Their long standing friendship began as early as 1963 with the group Joseph Holbrooke (including composer/bassist Gavin Bryars) and lasted over forty years. These recordings were created in the studio in 1975 and catch them at their peak. Also included is Oxley’s touching tribute to Bailey, a dynamic new piece for electronics and percussion recorded live at the recent Bailey tribute concert at the London Barbicon, 2006. Exciting and vibrant improvisations—never before released—by two pioneers of the genre.
~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
(Release date: July 2016)

Lunatic Fringe
Danny Cohen, Mike Boner, Horse Cock Kids: Self Indulgent Music ~~~ A Tzadik Classic! [#7403b]
No matter how healthy you get, you still end up sick." - Mike Boner

Tzadik is proud to introduce you to three exciting new artists. This special CD release is a passport to their unique worlds of sound. Danny Cohen and Mike Boner both hail from California, Horse Cock Kids are based in Cologne but they all share an intense passion for their own self-indulgent fantasies.

Songs about sex, degeneracy, puberty, loss of identity, truth, love and boredom from three of the most howlingly original songwriters you have ever heard. This is what Tzadik's Lunatic Fringe series is all about - it doesn't get any realer than this.
~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
(Release date: July 2016)