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Releases for February 2015
John Zorn

Hen To Pan

Amon: The Book Of Angels Volume 24
Ikue Mori

In Light of Shadows

Upcoming Releases

Mycale: Gomory: The Book Of Angels Volume 25 [#8332]
One of the most beautiful of all Book of Angels ensembles, Mycale is an evocative a cappella vocal quartet featuring four of the most creative voices in New Music. In their second CD release they are tighter than ever and approach the Masada music with a sensitive ear, an open heart and a creative imagination. Using a variety of texts in Portuguese, Berber, Hebrew, French and Spanish, they fashion lush harmonies and strong rhythmic drive to bring Zornís lyrical and elusive melodies to life like never before. A transcendent follow up to their debut recording, Gomory is truly Music of the Angels.
(Release date: May 2015)

John Zorn: PellucidaróA Dreamers Fantabula [#8333]
Their fifth CD and their first in over 4 years, Zornís most delightful and popular instrumental unit returns with nine compositions inspired by the imaginary worlds of fantasy literature. Featuring some of Zornís catchiest melodies and plenty of fiery solos from Ribot, Saft and Wollesen, Pellucidar blends soul, surf, jazz, minimalism, rumba, tango, samba, exotica and more in classic Dreamers style. Featuring a 36-page booklet filled with colorful art by Tzadikís exclusive designer Chippy, Pellucidar is a long awaited addition to the sparkling Dreamers legacy! An absolute delight from first note to last this is exotic fantasy music for the 21st century!
(Release date: June 2015)

Jason Eckardt: Subject [#9006]
Jason Eckardt began as a heavy metal guitarist, and turned to contemporary music after hearing Webern. His music is highly complex and retains the energy and intensity of his heavy metal roots. Challenging and highly virtuosic, his compositional language embraces both uptown and downtown. Tzadik has chosen a program of some of his most extreme and intense works performed by JACK, ICE and the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble.
(Release date: May 2015)

Les Rhinocéros: Les Rhinocéros III [#7812]
Together since 2010, Les Rhinocéros has brought their manic and zany mixture of heavy metal riffs, world music, noise, math rock, klezmer, reggae, minimalism, soundtracks and sick improvisation to appreciative audiences all over the world. Their long awaited third release ups the ante once again with a wide variety of manic compositions performed tighter than ever by this virtuosic trio. Featuring guests Gal Klein, Joe Herrera, Matt Rippetoe, Kamyar Arsani, Reese Higgins and David Coltun this is a passionate young band breaking new ground in instrumental music!
(Release date: June 2015)