1.The Man of Clay
2.Consulting the Stars
3.Miriam’s Theme
5.Reb Yehuda’s Theme
6.Slach Lanu
7.Edict Decreed
8.At Court
9.The Book of Formation
10.Florian’s Theme
11.Conjured in Mud
12.Circling Sevens
14.The Golem Rises
15.Eshet Chayil
16.Astaroth and Lavy’s Dream
17.The Oy of Creation
18.My Man Clay
19.Golem at Court
20.Introduction to Destruction
21.Franken Hora
22.MOC Reprise & Lament
23.Ghetto Freilach
24.Mi Yemalel
25.The Golem Rises Again
26.Burning Ghetto
27.Impossible Love
28.Together Again
29.Di Goyim
30.Helliger Mackeral Hora
31.Freedom is a Cruel Joke
32.MOC Finale