1.Main Title: She Must Be Seeing Things
2.End Titles: White and Lazy
3.Yakisoba: Cynical Hysterie Hour
4.Punk Rock Hero: Cynical Hysterie Hour
5.Through the Night: Cynical Hysterie Hour
6.Surfing Samba: Cynical Hysterie Hour
7.Fanfare/Theme: The Golden Boat
8.France: Weiden and Kennedy
9.Sweden: Weiden and Kennedy
10.Arsenal Dance Mix: Looters (Trespass)
11.Main Title: Hollywood Hotel
12.Wheelchair Racers: Weiden and Kennedy
13.Pueblo: Rose Hobart
14.Lituus: Tears of Ecstasy
15.Fireworks: Mechanics of the Brain
16.End Titles: Anton, Mailman
17.Deseo: Latin Boys Go to Hell
18.Shanghai: Port of Last Resort
19.Trembling Before G-d: Trembling Before G-d
20.Filming: In the Mirror of Maya Deren
21.Shabbos Noir: Secret Lives
22.Chippy Charm: Homecoming
23.Vocal Phase: Homecoming
24.Shaolin Spirit: Shaolin Ulysses
25.Main Title: Invitation to a Suicide
26.Sekhel (Vocal Version): Hiding and Seeking
27.Main Title: Protocols of Zion
28.Indonesia: Workingman’s Death