1.Diminished Capacity
2.Welcome Home, Cooper
3.That's My Burglar
4.Falling Spaniels
5.Short Tux
6.The Great Port
9.Charlotte's Theme Part 1
10.Charlotte's Theme Part 2
11.It's Alright, Uncle Rollie
12.The Accident
13.I Do Say So
14.Glad You're Here
15.Bundles & The Flick
16.Cooper & Charlotte
17.The Cameraman's Revenge
18.Tale Around The Fire
19.The Tunnel
20.Brother Donny
21.Wendell Kendall
22.The Card
23.In The Yard
24.I'll Show You Dumb
25.City of Strangers
27.The Kiss
28.Stan's Favor
29.Dad Is Gone
31.Glad You're Here Reprise