Jim O'Rourke :  Terminal Pharmacy
Cat. # 7011
Released 1995
cd time - 50:51
US Price $16.00
Born in 1969, composer/improviser/producer Jim O'Rourke has already built an impressive resume in the international rock/improvisation underground. He has recorded as a member of the experimental rock groups Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola, Brise Glace and Yona Kit, recorded a half dozen of his own albums of guitar improvisation and musique-concrete compositions on the Staalplaat, Extreme, Divided, Entenpfuhl and Metamkine labels, released collaborative recordings with Henry Kaiser, K.K. Null, Gunter Muller, Eddie Prevost, Evan Parker and Nicholas Collins, and produced albums by Tony Conrad, Faust, Melt Banana and Space Streakings.

Electro-acoustic music is the thread that connects O'Rourke's varied activities and comprises his main compositional effort. These pieces, two years in the making, stand out as his finest constructions to date.
Steve Braack: Amplification
Tony Burr: Clarinet
Mike Dockter: Cello
Hattie Franck: Cello
Lisa Hemmer: Alto Flute
Robert Keck: Cello
Mary Labreque: Cello
Wendi Lev: Bass Flute
Dan Loch: Cello
Jim O'Rourke: Acoustic Guitar
Sue Oberg: Alto Flute
Rob Prosser: Accordion
Stan Saderk: Cello
Isha Suftin: Accordion
Jim Vanden: Bass Flute