Chris Brown :  Lava
Cat. # 7002
Released 1995
cd time - 59:24
US Price $16.00
LAVA describes a premordial state of flux, the transmutation of one material into another through a streaming of intensely concentrated energy. Molten fragments of electroacoustic sound are transformed live from brass and percussion instruments to create a sonic landscape that unfolds with a geologic sense of time.

Chris Brown, San Francisco based composer, pianist and electronic instrument builder, studied with Gordon Mumma, David Rosenbloom and William Brooks. His work has been described in print as "a free flowing improvisatory parade of sound." Brown teaches composition and electronic music at the prestigious Mills College in Oakland. He is a member of the group Room with William Winant and Larry Ochs, and has composed for Ochs' Rova Saxophone Quartet. His music has been released on the Artifact, Sound Aspects, Centaur and Music & Arts labels.
Tom Dill: Trumpet
Toyoji Tomita: Trombones
Peter Wahrhaftig: Tuba
William Winant: Bass Drum, Tympani, Hi-hat, Snare-drum