New Japan
Ruins :  Hyderomastgroningem
Cat. # 7202
Released 1995
cd time - 67:17
US Price $16.00
Along with the Boredoms, Naked City and very few others, this amazing drums/bass duo are masters of quick-change, stop/start tempos, time-signatures and textures. Ruins' explosive and intricately composed tunes are sung in a peculiar language of their own invention. Yoshida cites Magma, This Heat, Debussy and Webern as influences. Masuda's favorites are James Brown and Fred Frith.

Hardcore, art rock, psych, heavy metal, funk and lots more - if Ruins have heard it, they are likely to incorporate it into their music.
Masuda Ryuichi: Bass, Vocals, Radio
Yoshida Tatsuya: Vocals, Percussion, Drums