Christopher Adler :  Epilogue for a Dark Day
Cat. # 8004
Released Aug 2004
cd time - 57:23
US Price $16.00
A remarkable young composer out of the Lou Harrison mold and a virtuoso on the khaen mouth organ, Christopher Adler splits his time between California and Thailand where he collaborates with many of the country's greatest classical musicians. For his first cd he has chosen a varied program of solo music and ensembles blending traditional Thai classical instruments with those of the West. Featuring music for percussion ensemble, an evocative trio for khaen, violin and viola, a large ensemble work for Thai classical instruments and a few virtuosic solos for mouth organ, this is beautiful cross cultural music with honesty, imagination and a deep sense of respect for tradition.
Christopher Adler: Khaen, Ranaat Ek
Jonathan Bagg: Viola
Sidney Marquez Boquiren: Sampler
Cameron Britt: Mallet Percussion
Lynn Burgess: Soprano Saxophone
Christopher Deane: Hammer Dulcimer
Robert Esler: Percussion
Marc Faris: Thone-rammana
Aiyun Huang: Percussion
Antony John: Conductor
Robbie Link: Contrabass
Bo Newsome: Oboe
Don Nichols: Percussion
Morris Palter: Percussion
Eric Pritchard: Violin
Fred Raimi: Cello
Mathias Reumert: Percussion
Jon Rossini: Mong
Steven Schick: Percussion
David Stuckey: Ching