Radical Jewish Culture
Andy Statman :  Avodas Halevi
Cat. # 8101
Released May 2005
cd time - 74:03
US Price $16.00
One of the originators of the Klezmer Revival, Andy Statman is one of the most important figures in modern Jewish Music. A talented instrumentalist, composer and bandleader, his recent music looks out from the traditional towards a more modern Jewish sound. Filled with lyricism and spirituality, these powerful recordings from his private archives show him at a creative peak. Along with the original recordings of his popular jazz tinged quartet are two radical duets with drummer Bob Meyer reminiscent of the Interstellar Space John Coltrane/Rashied Ali duets of 1967. It is an honor for Tzadik to welcome this musical Grandmaster into the catalog of Radical Jewish Culture with his newest and most adventurous project to date.
Andy Statman: Clarinets, Mandolin
Brian Glassman: Arco Bass
Roger Mason: Double Bass
Bob Meyer: Drums
Mitchell Schechter: Piano
Bob Weiner: Drums, Percussion