Peter Garland :  Three Strange Angels
Cat. # 8059
Released Sep 2008
cd time - 79:35
US Price $16.00
This historic release presents the first recordings of the early music of Peter
Garland, one of the most personal voices in the second generation of west coast minimalists. Drawing inspiration from Native American and Mexican ritual music, Peter creates beautiful and lyrical sonic portraits. This long out of print masterpiece, considered by many to be Peter’s greatest recording, was originally released in 1989 on WhatNext? as Border Music and is supplemented here by rare live recordings from the same period. Featuring new expanded notes by the composer and rare photos from the period, this is the definitive document of an American experimental classic.

The Peter Garland Ensemble
Peter Garland: Percussion
Lynn Case: Violin
Lynne Lawlor: Recorder, Percussion
Rosalind Simpson: Harp
Landon Young: Percussion

The University of New Mexico Percussion Ensemble
Brett Reed: Percussion
John Bartlit: Percussion
Fred Bugbee: Percussion
Hovey Dean Corbin: Percussion
Karen Dewig: Percussion
Steve Hearn: Percussion
Dan Hilland: Percussion
Alan Lawrence: Percussion
Doug Nottingham: Percussion
Christopher Shultis: Director, Percussion