Radical Jewish Culture
David Taylor :  Red Sea
Cat. # 8148
Released Aug 2009
cd time - 62:08
US Price $16.00
David Taylor is one of the world's greatest virtuosos on the bass trombone—a musician of incredible charisma and eclecticism who has worked with everyone from Gil Evans, Charles Wuorinen, and Frank Sinatra, to Yo-Yo Ma, Barbara Streisand, Duke Ellington and Pierre Boulez. Accompanied by a fabulous band, his Tzadik debut Red Sea is a creative and exciting blend of original music, Hasidic melodies, improvisation and ambient soundscapes. Inspired by the music of the legendary Cantor Pierre Pinchik, this is a moody and dynamic album evoking the ecstasy of cantorial fervor.
David Taylor: Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone In Harmon Mute, Bass Trombone, Bass Trombone In Kazzoozin (homemade Mute With Buzzers And Kazoo), Bass Trombone In Bowler (homemade Hat Mute), Vocals
Franz Hackl: Trumpets
Adam Holzman: Surdo, Bass Drum, Piano, Toy Piano, Synth
Scott Robinson: Treme-terra, Zabumba, Contrabass Clarinet, Bass Sax, Contrabass Sarrusophone, Tenor Rothophone, Contrabass Sax, Slide Sax, Bass Flute
Warren Smith: Giant Chinese Barrel Drum, Tympani, Contrabass Banjo, Bass Marimba, Vibraphone, Vibes, Drums, Balafon, Percussion, Temple Blocks