Mario Diaz de Leon :  Enter Houses Of
Cat. # 8065
Released Sep 2009
cd time - 48:28
US Price $16.00
Composer Mario Diaz de León is a talented young composer who has studied with Maryanne Amacher and George Lewis. His work focuses on acoustic/electronic hybrids that often fuse the two elements into unified meta-instruments. Often structured as walls and gestures of shimmering sound, his work is influenced by contemporary composers Scelsi, Ligeti, Dumitrescu and Radulescu as well as a wide range of electronic music, free improvisation, black/drone/doom metal and American noise bands like Metalux and Sejayno. Hypnotic and ritualistic, the music relates to altered consciousness and the movement between vision states.
Kivie Cahn-Lipman: Celo
Claire Chase: Alto Flutes, Flute
Justine F. Chen: Violin
Nathan Davis: Percussion
Adam Friedberg: Cello
Glenda Goodman: Viola
Jacob Greenberg: Piano
Eric Lamb: Alto Flutes
Wendy Richman: Viola
Joshua Rubin: Clarinet
Dave Schotzko: Percussion
Michi Wiancko: Violin