Meredith Monk :  Beginnings
Cat. # 7721
Released Nov 2009
cd time - 57:48
US Price $16.00
An unprecedented collection of recordings charting the earliest years of one of the world’s most innovative and exciting renaissance women—composer, singer, performer, film director, visual artist and auteur Meredith Monk. Hand selected by Meredith from her personal archives, this fascinating compilation ranges from her first solo vocal performances in the mid-'60s, to ground-breaking works from the '70s up through 1980. An essential portrait of a vocal pioneer at her virtuosic and exploratory best.
Meredith Monk: Voice, Guitar, Bass, Jew's Harp, Organ, Piano
Andrea Goodman: Voice
Lanny Harrison: Percussion
Susan Kampe: Voice
Don Preston: Drums, Organ
Monica Solem: Voice
Collin Walcott: Percussion
Daniel Zellman: Echoplex Delay System