Alvin Curran :  Lost Marbles
Cat. # 7097
Released Mar 2004
cd time - 71:25
US Price $16.00
A pioneer of live electronic music and one of America's most adventurous composers, Alvin Curran has been walking his own eclectic path since the late 1960's. The range and scope of his work is enormous, and unprecedented. Few composers have as many interests, or as much wit. This special compilation takes us on a whirlwind tour of fifteen of his most productive years (1987–2002), capturing both live and studio performances from around the world. Featuring a seductive work for chorus and ensemble, an incredible piece for eleven of the world's largest and loudest musical instruments (shiphorns), an electroacoustic tribute to John Cage using the sound of his laughter and the purring of Merce Cunningham's cat and much, much more. This long overdue release will surely confirm Alvin Curran as one of America's most courageous and outrageous musical mavericks.
David Abel: Violin
Alvin Curran: Sampler Midi-keyboard, Computer, Piano, Tape, Diskklavier, Sampler, Synthesizers
Tom Dambly: Trumpet
Fred Frith: Guitars
Craig Fry: Violin, Piano
Paul Hanson: Bassoon
Tom Heasley: Tuba
Shelley Hirsch: Voice
Joan Jeanrenaud: Cello
Amy Knowles: Percussion
Maria Mutru: Keyboards
Gene Reffkin: Electronic Percussion
Domenico Sciajno: Electronics
William Winant: Percussion

Orchestra of the Sudwestfunk Radio Stuttgart

California Vocal Academy

The Paul Dresher Ensemble