Radical Jewish Culture
Zahava Seewald and Psamim :  KOVED - A Tribute to Martin Weinberg
Cat. # 7177
Released Mar 2003
cd time - 51:58
US Price $16.00
Whether singing in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino or French, Zahava Seewald is one of the most accomplished and soulful vocalists in the modern Jewish music scene. Following up on her very successful Tzadik debut Abi Gezint!, her latest recording takes a traditional klezmer repertory into a dynamic world mixing gypsy violins and Kurt Weill cabaret. Dedicated to the creative arranger/performer Martin Weinberg, whose premature death robbed Jewish music of one of its guiding lights, KOVED is a passionate blend of tradition and modernity.
Tuur Florizoone: Accordion
Estelle Goldfarb: Violin
Didier Laloy: Diatonic Accordion
Walter Popeliers: Bass
Zahava Seewald: Vocals